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  • Jan

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    The trip to Sydney is expensive but I have taken on a part time job assisting to teach in an after schools STEAMS programme, my Mum is helping me organise a raffle and my Dad is helping me to make meditation stalls that we will sell to help raise funds for our trip.

    If you could spare the price of barista-made coffee, the cost of a flight to Sydney, or an amount somewhere in between, I would be immeasurably grateful for your support and owe you big time!

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  • Apr

    Let the Kaos begin.

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    Introducing the newest member of the Goode clan.

    Kaos is a Collie and Hunterway cross. We brought him home at nine weeks. He is now eighteen weeks old and in just a few weeks he will have his final vaccination  and we will be able to introduce him to the beach!

    Kaos has completed puppy preschool.


    Next week Kaos starts Puppy manners which cant come too soon. I can’t wait for Thomas to return this book to the library and explain what happened to the librarian!





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  • Apr

    Autumn already

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    It doesn’t seem possible that we have been back from our trip over three months. It’s been a busy time…

    Thomas has completed his first term at Nelson Intermediate which is the last year of Middle/primary in the Uk. He stays here for two years before going to high school/ college.

    He is involved in several activities many of which are linked to being in the extension class and has a busy year coming up having  put himself forward for a whole host of things including;

    • Inter schools Chess competition
    • Epro8 technology competition  more info here 
    • Science and technology fair
    • Lego Mindstorms robot building team for a National competition in September.
    • ICAS (International Competitions and Assessments for Schools)  exams in Maths, and digital technology.
    • Sports and talents classes. Talent classes are held on Fridays. the students select from an impressive list of talents and get to study that talent for a term. Thomas top three pics were debating, boxing and survival skills!

    Oh and he’s also a training partner for a friend who has been invited grade to Black belt in Karate this year. Which of course stands him in good stead for his own invite to Black belt. Plus he has two International Karate tournaments where he will be representing the Nelson Dojo, firstly in October in Christchurch and then early next year in Sydney!!

    I think he is fully embracing the school moto of

    “We grow as we journey and follow our dreams” !

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  • Feb

    Thomas second home. He is pretty exhausted but wanted to get back to the dojo. Mikey is guarding Thomas sandals as he waits for him to finish!

    For the second time Thomas has been asked to partner a student who will be completing his black belt grading. This will stand Thomas in great stead for his own black belt grading…watch this space! Next up karate training at the beach and Karate camp.

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  • Feb

    Just one day after we arrived home, Nelson was caught by the remnants of a tropical cyclone  that battered our beloved city, bringing flooding, rain and gales.

    Here is the impact of the storm, in pictures.

    The middle picture is the yacht club that Thomas belongs to. Lots of clearing up to do before sailing hopefully restarts next week.

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