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    The trip to Sydney is expensive but I have taken on a part time job assisting to teach in an after schools STEAMS programme, my Mum is helping me organise a raffle and my Dad is helping me to make meditation stalls that we will sell to help raise funds for our trip.

    If you could spare the price of barista-made coffee, the cost of a flight to Sydney, or an amount somewhere in between, I would be immeasurably grateful for your support and owe you big time!

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  • Jan

    Today we had a fairly lazy day. Stopping in at Hedge End and Whitley for a spot of shopping and ended up just buying some tee shirts for Thomas! On the way to Whitley we stopped off to show Thomas where we got married at The Solent Hotel.

    After a spot of lunch we went into Southamptonto meet Paul and have a look at Paul’s School.

    We left Thomas to help Paul tidy his class room and then met Paul at the Cowherds for a pub meal.



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  • Apr

    I was given a math problem by my deputy head teacher at school this week. This is a link to the problem.

    And here is my answer

    So the answer is

    I go across first with the lab assistant because we are the fastest. That takes 2 minutes, then I go back over, another 1 minute and give the lantern to the janitor and the professor. It takes them 10 minutes to get across. The lab assistant dashes back which takes 2 minutes and then we run back across together taking a further 2 minutes…17 minutes in total!

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  • Jan

    4 January 2017
    Raspberry Pi Contract

    Thomas Jan Goode
    Victoria, Ian Goode and Jan Kuhlmann

    This is the Raspberry Pi contract for 2017

    *Ask if you can go on first.

    *Agree allocated time.

    *Stop when told to.

    *Go on games only when allowed.

    *Make sure you know what you are doing and ask if in unsure

    *Check before downloading anything

    The following websites can be used all other need permission.

    You will help your parents with technology!

    Signed: Child TJ
    Signed: Parent’s VG ITG
    Signed: Head Geek JK

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  • Jan

    So today was finally the day. The Pi day!!

    After much pleading and Pi talk I finally got to start.

    Raspberry Pi is a super mini computer that my Amazing Uncle Jan got me.

    Therese were the steps o took to set up.

    1) located mouse, keyboard, monitor, raspberry pi and associated cables.

    2) Followed my instructions on my kindle

    3) Powered up

    4) System loaded

    5) Hey presto we are live and ready to go!!!


    Instructions to hand on my kindle


    All components in place


    waiting for the Rasberry pi to boot up

    img_1462 look how small it is!

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