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    Autumn already

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    It doesn’t seem possible that we have been back from our trip over three months. It’s been a busy time…

    Thomas has completed his first term at Nelson Intermediate which is the last year of Middle/primary in the Uk. He stays here for two years before going to high school/ college.

    He is involved in several activities many of which are linked to being in the extension class and has a busy year coming up having  put himself forward for a whole host of things including;

    • Inter schools Chess competition
    • Epro8 technology competition  more info here 
    • Science and technology fair
    • Lego Mindstorms robot building team for a National competition in September.
    • ICAS (International Competitions and Assessments for Schools)  exams in Maths, and digital technology.
    • Sports and talents classes. Talent classes are held on Fridays. the students select from an impressive list of talents and get to study that talent for a term. Thomas top three pics were debating, boxing and survival skills!

    Oh and he’s also a training partner for a friend who has been invited grade to Black belt in Karate this year. Which of course stands him in good stead for his own invite to Black belt. Plus he has two International Karate tournaments where he will be representing the Nelson Dojo, firstly in October in Christchurch and then early next year in Sydney!!

    I think he is fully embracing the school moto of

    “We grow as we journey and follow our dreams” !

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  • Apr

    I was given a math problem by my deputy head teacher at school this week. This is a link to the problem.

    And here is my answer

    So the answer is

    I go across first with the lab assistant because we are the fastest. That takes 2 minutes, then I go back over, another 1 minute and give the lantern to the janitor and the professor. It takes them 10 minutes to get across. The lab assistant dashes back which takes 2 minutes and then we run back across together taking a further 2 minutes…17 minutes in total!

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  • Dec

    Summit Club 2016

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    Photos from Thomas stuff Sailing and swim classes

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  • May

    Way to go Thomas!

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    Photos from May 2016 Photo Stream

    IMG_3482 IMG_3483

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  • May

    Photos from untitled album 7

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