Thomas See Thomas Grow up….
  • Oct

    Wow ! Thomas you did it….
    Thomas took part in “Shave for the brave” this morning at the Dojo.

    This is to support a courageous student who is going through cancer treatment and to raise money for the Nelson Regional Cancer trust. The money raised will assist women who are going through treatment to get home, between treatments to see their families.
    A bank account has been set up for those wanting to donate to the cause: Account number 03 0703 0447706 00.
    Way to go Thomas!


  • Sep

    What an amazing journey so far Thomas. Your dedication and determination are ensuring your reach your goals. We are so proud of you and the way you share your love of karate with the younger children. Keep up the goode work.







  • Sep

    Karate Grading to Brown Belt

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  • May

    Karate 2012-2016

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    Wow was it really four years ago that this little man first entered the Nelson dojo?

    karate 2012

    Four years and eight gradings later Thomas is still training hard and attending lesson three times a week – between 4 and 10 hours training a week.

    Photos from Untitled Album

    Thomas is now an advanced green belt and helps to train the 5-7 year old beginner class on a Thursday. In addition he attends sparring, kata, self defence, syllabus and meditation classes.


    Recently Thomas was asked  if he would like to be photographed for the new advertising material for the dojo.


    Hanshi thanked Thomas at this weeks class saying….Thomas was the Dojo’s very own Clark Kent! Thomas had no idea who Clark Kent is so I guess we had better watch super man this weekend!

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  • Apr

    Thomas the model!

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    Thomas was asked by Hanshi if he would like to be photographed for some promotional material to promote the Dojo. The photos are to show that Thomas is a dedicated student to both Karate and his school education. Here are some of the photos.

    Photos from untitled album 6


    Photos from untitled album 5

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