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    Day one


    Wow ! So today was day one which started with making Shrinky Dinks mine were a variety of different things including some planes, a banana and a crocodile! Next up was the human anatomy where we split in to pairs and one of us laid down so we could draw and out line of a body and then we had to place the organs in the correct place our lungs were just a little high but we got everything else right. next we made a working model of some lungs.

    After morning tea we had the case of the stolen cookies. The tutors had some cookies for us but they had been stolen!! We went to the crime scene to see if there as any evidence. We found an envelope with lipstick on it, some flour on the bench and some dirt on the floor the case continues…Case of the stolen cookies

    Then came my favourite part of the day….We got to dissect a rat and identify its innards and blow up its lung with a  straw. There were also sheep and cows lungs and hearts and we inserted a pipe in to the windpipe and inflated the lungs. So cool!!!

    Inflating lungs

    Day Two 

    We started off the day by working on some biology animations, my group did the food chIMG_20160112_100242ain. We have a big dinosaur who gets hit by a meteorite and dies. He turns into  some bacteria which helps to grow a carrot. The carrot is eaten by a rabbit which is eaten by a fox, which is eaten by a dinosaur, which is eaten by a bigger dinosaur, which gets hit by a meteorite and then it repeats. We still need to video it but I will put it on here when its finished.
    The Food Chain


    We then did the hanky trick where you hold a hanky over  a plastic cup loosely and pour water in it. Then you pull the hanky tight and turn the cup upside down. The water should not come out. If you are feeling confident do it over your friends head!!  Some one did it to me and the water came out!




    In the afternoon brought my favourite part of the day. Balloon making! We split in to groups of four and constructed a balloon using tissue paper and some glue. Tomorrow if the wind is minimal we will be able to fly them on the college field.


    They will be powered by a small camp stove and they should elevate to about 100 feet. I will video the maiden flight and post it on here.
    Hot Air Balloons

    Making friends at science camp

    1917141_432016756922817_8457369131773745661_n 12523913_432016723589487_8265766117881719289_n

    Tomorrow we get the afternoon off and get to go swimming at the ASB pool!

    Day three

    So today  was launch day for our balloons. Have a look at the video below this is our teams balloon and it flew to about 100feet and ended up on the other side of the college in a building site. Thankfully one of the builders returned it. Whilst this was happening I managed to make a small hot air ballon in case the other  one was damage it didn’t fly so high because it didn’t have so much hot air. After lunch we went to the pool. We had so much fun. there inflatable turtles which were great until the wave machine started and whisked around the lazy river.

    Day four

    Todays highlight was rocket making. The rocket was set off  after a ten second count down…by car starter leads which connected to the bottom of rocket where two wires were sticking out. When the electricity started going through it caused a chain reaction through the fuselage to the nitrogen engine which ran for 10 seconds before exploding which in turned fired off the nose cone and released the parachute. The rocket flew really high maybe 150 meters!! Some times when the nitrogen engine below off it ignited the parachute and instead of a rocket a fire ball emerged!

    Day Five

    Last day sob sob….At the start f the week we started making borax crystal. Which was  a plastic figure toy solider that was dangled into  borax and left for five days. My solider now looks like an frozen solider with icicles. Also today  we finally solved the case of the stolen cookies. They were stolen by…..suspect number five who was the college Principle its true all of the evidence pointed to her!! but we managed to get the cookies back and scoff the lot!

    Wow a full week of science camp what can I say… I was really tired using all the brain power. One of the instructors said I was just like a sponge absorbing every bit of information. the best thing over all was the rockets because only a couple of them worked properly and I was really proud because one of those was mine.

    Thank you so much for making this week happen Mummy and Daddy. I love you both so much and I cant believe I get to work with Ministry of Inspiration  every Tuesday this year !! Big thank you to Uncle Jan and Lc for helping make this happen too. Watch this space my head might just explode with all this info!!

    Here are a selection of videos and photo streams from the week.
    Rocket Man

    Photochromic slime

    The Food Chain

    Inflating Lungs

    Hot Airballon

    Case of the stolen cookies

  • Jun

    Thomas and Ian singing Happy Birthday to Ian’s sister Michelle. Thomas taught daddy how to sing it in Maori.  It took a few attempts!

    Hope you liked it Michelle.

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  • Apr

    Omaka WW2 Battle

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    Photos from blog 2

    Here is a video of the battle.


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