Thomas See Thomas Grow up….
  • Jan

    We all left the hotel after breakfast to go to the London Dungeons via a little coffee shop to collect Paul! Yes surprise Paul decided to join us for the weekend. We walked into a tiny little coffee shop near Waterloo. I direct Thomas to the back of the cafe and there was Paul. Thomas did a double take and then started giggling. Finally both his Uncle together in one place!

    How lucky is this young man to have two amazing role models in his life?

    First stop was the London Dungeons where we spent the entire time trying to make each other jump. So much fun and  sillyness and I actually think I wasn’t the loudest to scream … Jan??

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  • Jan

    Today we all met for breakfast early and then walked through Hyde Park to Exhibition road for a day of exploring both the Science Museum and Natural history museum with a break at lunch time for some  pub grub.

    First stop was science museum for the daredevils amongst us to have a go on the 360 simulator. Hilarious to hear the sequels coming from inside the pod as they attempted barrel rolls and various twists and turns.

    Next stop the Natural history museum. Spot the crazy characters amongst the exhibits!



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  • Jan

    Whilst Ian and I waited for Jan and Thomas to return from Wales with Tilly and Taff, Ian and I went to the British Museum. We spent most the day there exploring all floors and dreaming of far off lands. For me the Eygpitan Hall brought back vivid memories of holidaying with Paul. 

    When Jan and Thomas returned from Wales with Taff and Tilly and we spent the first after wondering around and being entertained in Covent Garden before an early dinner in a frightfully posh restaurant where none of understood the menu but were pleasently surprised with all our meals and then on to yet another show ! This time it was Mel Brooke’s Young Frankeinstien.

    Much to Jan and Taffs surprise I had never seen the original film but none the less this laugh a minute Panto esk musical was hysterical if a little risqué in places for Thomas Which just added to the entertainment as Thomas muttered hmmm adult themes!

    What the press said…

    “This new production of Mel Brooks’s musical about everyone’s favourite mad scientist is a hoot, not to mention a howl, at least when our where-wolves are around.” – Ann Tremenan, The Times (four stars)

    “I’m awarding it a “mere” four stars because I don’t think audiences should go in over-expectant, but I expect the majority to hand it that extra star themselves on the way out. Very silly and entirely welcome.” – Dominic Cavendish, The Telegraph (four stars)

    “For this critic it’s every bit as good as The Producers, if not better than, its predecessor in that it piles on the gags even more relentlessly and wittily parodies musicals past and present.” Michael Billington, The Guardian (four stars)


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  • Jan

    Ok we admit it we are shattered and I guess we just needed that lay in. Whilst Thomas continued to explore Wales we slept not waking till go 11am bliss and sometimes you just need to listen to your body! So after a late start we had brunch and then a stroll through both Hyde nd Kensington park to meet Ian’s Mum who had come up to London with Tracey and Maureen for a Birthday High tea and final farewell.

    Thank you so much for organising such a lovely afternoon Tracey and it was an added bonus to catch up with Joe for a pint after too.

    Back in Wales more sillyness continued…which seemed to include eating, eating and more eating including green mice. Oh and some history too.

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  • Jan

    Today Ian and I trapsed across the city to go collect Thomas hoodie that he left in the hotel at Waterloo before Christmas – how lucky is that boy? Lost phone – found, left coat in cafe- found, lef hoody in London found…if only we could find his memory!

    Whilst Thomas was exploring castles in Wales and meeting Taffs family we were busy drinking coffee and exploring the British museum.

    We spent most the day in the museum and then a early dinner followed by an incredible show. Everybody’s   talking about Jamie made its debut in the West End in November 2017 to amazing reviews.

    we were not disappointed. A truely inspiring story of a mothers love, friendships and courage. An incredibly talented cast with phenomenal voices and brilliant choreography. The standing ovation at the end summed up the audiences feelings. Feeling spoilt. Love the Westend! #keeptalkingaboutjamie

    I so love and miss the Westend!

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