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    Day 13 New Years Eve Paris Style.

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    Bonne Annee was the phrase to use all day!
 The atmosphere was charged as everyone was gearing up for New Year celebrations.

    We took the blue route today

    1 Gare du Nore

    2 Lourve

    3 Opera

    4 Mon Marte

    5 Moulin Rouge

    6 Sacre Coeur Basilica

    After completing the loop which took 90 minutes we hopped up just past Moulin Rouge and yes Ian was singing along to various songs from the The Moulin Rouge musical! We then wondered slowly up the meandering lanes to Mon Marche stopping for lunch in a little  cafe before heading up to Square Louise Michel which was bustling with artists.

    We had already decided to have a characture drawn of the three of us. We wondered round to select our artist. In fairness I think he chose us, a classic French looking artist complete with beret and moustache. A jovial character who was very entertaining. I was first up and have to say it’s pretty nerve racking as the crowds draw in to watch and laugh! I felt much better laughing at the boys over the artists shoulder. The result was… unique and let’s just say he was kinder to some than others.

    After wondering around the lanes a while longer soaking in the atmosphere we walked back to the hotel for a snooze before heading back for New Year celebrations. We left the hotel about 9pm and walked up to Sacre Coeur Basilica. As there was only a short queue we went in. A mass was in process and you could hear a pin drop. The atmosphere was serene. We lit a candles on remembrance of my Mum and my dear friend Lucys Mum. Two wonderful ladies who left us too soo. We stood in silence for a while just looking in awe at the amazing art work in the dome.

    We left and wondered back to a cafe in Mon Marte for coffee and hot chocolate and some people watching! At about 11pm we got some mulled wine and headed back to take our position in the crowds below Sacre Coeur Basilica. The atmosphere was electric. The crowds extended as far as your eye could see and we had a 180 degree Panasonic view of Paris by night.

    We could pick out nearly all the sights from our earlier bus journey but the piece de resistance was the Eiffel Tower glittering in the distance. As the count down started everyone stood up and start cheering Bonne Annee, fire crackers popped and people were singing with joy. A carnival like atmosphere took over that was good hearted and friendly. The must amazing experience. We walked with the crowd back to the main boulevard and again with the help of Thomas and google maps safely returned to our room and were all asleep with in minutes! Bonne Annee what will 2018 bring ?

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