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    Day 22 Stonehenge

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    Mysterious and ancient, Stonehenge has baffled archaeologists, not to mention the general public, for centuries. One of England’s most visited monuments (attracting over a million visitors a year) and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the circle of giant stones standing starkly against the wide sweep of Salisbury Plain still has the capacity to fascinate and move those who view it. Unattractive visitor facilities have been removed to better establish the stones in their original context of grass fields, other nearby monuments, and original processional approach, the Avenue.

    Although general visitors can no longer enter the stone circle itself you can roam free over the surrounding landscape with its Neolithic earthworks, some of which predate the stones. The cold, damp, drizzly winter morning just added to the atmosphere of this mysterious place.

    We were lucky to visit on a day that didnt seem too busy judging by the empty lanes all set up for that great British pass tine if queuing! We had our own  tour guide who spent time exposing how the replica huts had been constructed and how the tools were made.

    After an afternoon of games and updating the blog we met up with Michelle, Sean, Ashley, Vicki and Ryan for dinner in Downton. We had a wonderful dinner to celebrate Ian’s Mums Birthday. Great choice of pub Vicki and Ryan. Thank you .

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