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    Day 23 Salisbury and goode bye Paul

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    Today we left the cottage to go and explore Salisbury we were very fortunate to catch the end of a Terry Prachett exhibition at Salisbury Museum. Thomas has just stared reading his Discworkd stories. I found it very moving reading about how he developed Alzheimer’s and his thoughts about his diagnosis. In one of his readings he hidden coded word that he used instead of Alzheimer’s – buggerence! Indeed buggerance – miss you every day mum.

    Time for a quick lunch and the best coffee weve had so far! Then off to the explore Salisbury Cathedral. Salisbury Cathedral is one of the most recognizable landmarks in England. 70,000 tons of stone, 3,000 tons of timber and 450 tons of lead were used to construct the cathedral. It took 38 years to build the main body of the cathedral. I had forgotten the sheer scale of this cathedral and just how serene and peaceful it is. An added bonus was the Magna carter display in the cloister and putting Ian and Thomas in the stocks!


    We had to do a slight detour on the way back from Salisbury as Thomas had left  his phone at the theatre in Southampton after the Panto . Lucky for him it was found and even luckier for us we caught up with Paul for dinner at one of my fav pubs The Jolly Salior in Bursledon which just happened to be where were we went for a farewell meal with Paul just before we emigrated in 2003.

    The jolly salior also used to be a favourite haunt in my late teens. It’s situated on the river Hamble and located up some very narrow country lanes lined with amazing houses. To my amazement when he asked fir a cider I as offered Old Mout which was originally made in little old Nelson.


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