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    Day 40 – Time to say good bye to Jan and catch our flight home

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    Wow what a trip!One last breakfast with Jan in the executive lounge, which now feels like home. I’m sure the boys will be expecting canapes and drinks each afternoon when we get home! Alas, finally time to say goodbye and thank you to Jan for a wonderful time in London and Wales. We have been throughly spoilt with all the trips, shows, movies, museums, shops, treats and meals creating so much laughter and so many memories, We cant wait to see you again next year. Thank you so much for your generosity Jan.

    So that’s it time to pack and head home. It was a long slog and none of us slept much but we finally arrived back home on Tuesday morning to very excited dog and over grown garden thats turned in to a jungle and a beautiful  clean and tidy  house with a kitchen and fridge full of the essentials thank you so much Lucy for being so very thoughtful.

    Wow what can we say? We did it! So many months of secret planning all came to fruition  in a whirl wind tour of a place we used to call home. Thomas we are so proud of how you conducted yourself on our trip. You were polite, thoughtful, confident and full of mischief. We are so pleased that you got to meet your Uk family and spend time with them. My only regret is that your Grandma Kuhlmann never got to experience this with us. She would have loved to have spent time with you and I just know she was there with us in her own special way.

    In loving memory…

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