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    We have decided to add a page to record all those little funnies Thomas comes up with! Those little pearls of wisdom. Those conversations of  pure joy. It will take a while to update this page as I transfer quotes from his baby book. Please add a comment…something Thomas said or wrote to you. This will be so wonderful to look back on in years to come. Scroll down to see the latest comments

    May 6th, 2010
    Upon entering the swimming pool ladies changing rooms. Thomas stands with his hand on his hips and says in very loud voice
    ” OH…. you come in all shapes and sizes….”
    um yes Thomas quick jump in the shower!

    Jan 28th 2012
    Little conversation with Thomas….
    Mummy do you know what I would like to do when I grow up?
    Whats that Thomas?
    I am actually going to re build Lego land…
    Oh really?
    Actually Mummy I’m going to start now so I might be busy this afternoon. Can you entertain yourself?
    yes sweet heart…I will manage some how!!!!

    February 1st, 2012
    First thing Thomas says when we collect him from school on day one…
    “Mummy there is going to be a big party right here in 99 days!”
    Really Thomas whats that for?
    ” to celebrate my first 100 days of school! Cool aye?”
    Pretty Cool….

    February 14th, 2012
    Valentines day words of wisdom from Thomas…
    After school today Thomas told me two of his friends admitted they both had girlfriends! This is how the conversation went…
    “Mummy guess what…two of my friends both have girlfriends and even worse Charlie has kissed his one on the lips!”
    Oh really what did you say about that Thomas?
    ” I told them it was d-i-s-g-u-s-t-i-n-g and they asked if I had a girlfriend.”
    Oh what did you tell them?
    “I said no way! I am too busy… I have the whole entire world to see… so sorry too busy for girls!!!!”
    Good answer Thomas!!

    April 25th, 2012
    Today we had a day trip to Hanmer Springs. A three hour trip through the Lewis Pass to the thermal pool resort.
    On the way home we were talking about our day and all the fun we had and Thomas piped up…
    ” Do you know how I remember places we have been to? My brain is like a Kindle and I can flick through to see all of my memories!”

    May 5th 2012
    Whilst driving home from friends whom Thomas did not want to leave… “Mummy I am sorry for my behaviour but I assure you it will be impeccable from now on!”
    Wow Thomas thats a great word.
    “Its actually a wow word like terrific or brilliant or fantastic or wonderful!”
    Thanks Thomas I look forward to you impeccable behaviour!

    June 16th 2012
    Thomas got up early on Sunday to go and walk Mikey with Ian. the night before I had put some warm clothes on the end of his bed. Sunday morning he came into the lounge fully dressed which include a rather cozy hand knitted jumper which was a “little” large! With hands on his hips, jumper hanging past his wrist and halfway down to his knees he declares to Ian
    “look what I have got to wear…will I ever grow out of it???”

    March 23rd 2015
    Upon entering the Urban Eatery a new restaurant in Nelson. Thomas asks…
    “What kind of cuisine do they serve here??” Its an Oyster bar Thomas I tell him.
    Once he tried one he commented…”hmmm I like them they are just like posh mussels!”

    June 15th June 2015

    With out prompting Thomas I asked these questions here are the answers! Love 14 but couldn’t stop laughing at 10 and 19.
    Thomas age 8 (nearly 9!)
    1) Something mum always says to you, I love you
    2) What makes mum happy? Flowers
    3) What makes mum sad? Me being naughty
    4) How does mum make you laugh? Saying funny things
    5) What was mum like as a child? A little bit naughty but say about 99% good
    6) How old is mum? We don’t talk about that but 47
    7) How tall is mum? Not as tall as Daddy
    8) What’s mum fav thing to do? Relax and drinking coffee
    9) What does mum do when your not there? My chores and the never ending house work.
    10) If mum was famous, what would it be for? Farting No no that would be Daddy! Mummy would be famous for being caring and loving.
    11) What is mum really good at? Loving
    12) What is mum not good at? Basket ball
    13) What’s mums job? Teacher aide and holiday manager
    14) What makes you proud of mum? I don’t know how to put that in to words um she just the best Mummy in the world.
    15) What’s mums fav food? Cheesecake
    16) What do you & mum do together? Have fun
    17) How are you & mum the same? We both love each other to the moon and back and each and every star.
    18) What cartoon character would mum be? Garfield !
    19) How are you & mum different? She’s got grey hair I don’t !
    20) How do you know mum loves you? Because she tells.
    21) What does mum like about dad? He’s funny and caring
    22) What’s mum fav place to go? On holiday
    23) How old was mum when she had you? 38 or 39

    Feb 15th

    TJ – Mummy how did you learn to be a parent? Me- I didnt…I’m just winging it! TJ thats a bit scary! Me- Yep I know!!


    Also on this page we will publish some of Thomas’ hand written notes and letters.

    Today Thomas wrote to his friend Ned 19/6/2012

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    Stories by Thomas July 2013


    School Uniform design June 2014

    Writing July 2014





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