Thomas See Thomas Grow up….
  • Jun

    With out prompting I asked Thomas these questions and here are  the answers.
    Thomas age 8 (nearly 9!)
    1) Something mum always says to you, I love you
    2) What makes mum happy? Flowers
    3) What makes mum sad? Me being naughty
    4) How does mum make you laugh? Saying funny things
    5) What was mum like as a child? A little bit naughty but say about 99% good
    6) How old is mum? We don’t talk about that but 47
    7) How tall is mum? Not as tall as Daddy
    8) What’s mum fav thing to do? Relax and drinking coffee
    9) What does mum do when your not there? My chores and the never ending house work.
    10) If mum was famous, what would it be for? Farting No no that would be Daddy! Mummy would be famous for being caring and loving.
    11) What is mum really good at? Loving
    12) What is mum not good at? Basket ball
    13) What’s mums job? Teacher aide and holiday manager
    14) What makes you proud of mum? I don’t know how to put that in to words um she just the best Mummy in the world.
    15) What’s mums fav food? Cheesecake
    16) What do you & mum do together? Have fun
    17) How are you & mum the same? We both love each other to the moon and back and each and every star.
    18) What cartoon character would mum be? Garfield !
    19) How are you & mum different? She’s got grey hair I don’t !
    20) How do you know mum loves you? Because she tells.
    21) What does mum like about dad? He’s funny and caring
    22) What’s mum fav place to go? On holiday
    23) How old was mum when she had you? 38 or 39

  • Jun

    Thomas and Ian singing Happy Birthday to Ian’s sister Michelle. Thomas taught daddy how to sing it in Maori.  It took a few attempts!

    Hope you liked it Michelle.

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