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  • Feb

    Inspire Day 1

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    The campus for Inspire is out at12717355_438705699587256_7108319927790704439_n Richmond NMIT we had to leave home at 8am to get there in plenty of time (allowing Mummy time to collect a coffee on route!)



    This is my new Tuesday classroom. Including Linda the teacher there are just ten of us. Three girls six boys. We started the day by introducing ourselves to each other. We had to say one thing and then roll a ball of wool to the next person, whilst holding to our piece of wool. By the end of the introductions we had a very cool looking spiders web!



    Linda talked about how our Tuesday would run each week and we drew a mind map explaining how we could explore all the different branches of any topic.





    Our topic for this term is Exploration. Next week we get to go on our first field trip. Where we will be exploring un known territory in the same fashion as explorers of 200 years ago!






    We also worked in pairs to create a clay collaboration. We were only permitted  to use one had each! It was very confusing because I used my left hand but we were happy with the results.

    Another challenge we were given was to make bubbles. Making different size bubble blowers out off string, straws and wire  to see which created the best bubbles. Whilst we were doing this the press came in and asked some questions. I had fun trying to blow a bubble that the reporter could get a good picture of…. I might be in the local paper!



    So to summarise ….a day that would need every single wow word I know to explain how amazing it was. It was so cool to be in such a small class group and to be able to combine my two favourite topics of maths and science! Can wait till next week!

    A huge thank you to Mummy for finding out about these amazing classes and to Uncle Jan for making it happen!


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  • Nov

    School Camp 2015

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    Last week was school camp it was at Bridge Valley in the Wakefield area. You can see more about Bridge Valley at there website here

    school camp

    I took part in loads of activities including;

    The Burma Trail which is a blindfolded walk through the bush. Kayaking in the lake in the picture above. Mega slides in to the lake and then swimming across to the aqua tramp. Rock climbing and caving and the ultimate possum hunt in the dark. My favourite activity was the rock climbing as we got to out all the gear on. next year we get to go to Golden Bay on camp and stay for three nights! I CAN’T WAIT !!!!!



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  • Sep


    Multi talented award winning sportsman! A karate kicking,flipper swimming,football, rugby,softball cricketing tri athlete!!! Thomas we love you originality!!!



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  • Sep

    So tonight we got see Thomas preform on stage for the first time! Thomas your unbridled enthusiasm whilst you were singing and doing all the actions. you gave it your all and had us smiling and laughing all night. So pleased you managed to spot us in the audience. The concert was held at Nelson Boys School. Unfortunately we were not permitted to record or take photos but here is a review from Tuesday nights Concert.

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  • Sep

    Thomas in Rock da House 2015

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    Full dress rehearsal took place today at the Boys College. The big night is tomorrow!
    Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 3.46.24 pm

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