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    This weeks Thomas had some homework to do because he spent today at a dress rehearsal for Rock Da House (see next blog post) The class were working on this terms key competency – managing self. They were tasked with having to design a poster which showed them working on this competency.

    Managing self is all about empowering the students to make great choices and develop their sense of self responsibility. It is not so much about teaching them how to behave, rather about teaching them to be thinkers who are able to take responsible action. Self-management is learning that “what I do affects others”. Its is about learning to take responsibility for our own actions and make choices that will be good for yourself and good for others at the same me.

    Thomas choose to write his thank you for all his wonderful Birthday gifts. Here is what he did and the poster he designed.

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    Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 4.59.36 pm

    Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 5.03.53 pm

    Thomas you finished much quicker than last week and spent a good 15 minutes reviewing your answers. I know you are annoyed about the two you got wrong but the great thing is when you saw the correct answers you could see where you went wrong. Like you said its important to fully read the questions. Good luck for Tuesday.

    You can review the complete test here.

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    Busy studying….

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    Photos from 2_08_2015

    Thomas you are studying so well for your maths test. You read the questions carefully and review your answers in the allotted time.

    It really worked!

    Keep up the good work as its not long till the real test. Good luck.

    Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 7.14.36 pm

    Practice Online Report-Thomas-MA1 This link shows you Thomas’ results in more detail including the % of students who answered the question correctly.

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  • Mar

    Purple Cake Day 2015

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    Can you find Thomas in this sea off purple? Nelson Central School raised over $1369.40 for Purple Cake Day. This will go towards helping to provide an education for children in Haiti, Kenya, Napal and Vanuatu.
    Find our more about Purple Cake Day here

    Can you spot Thomas in this sea of Purple?

    Can you spot Thomas in this sea of Purple?

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  • Mar

    Purple Cake Day 2015

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