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    Todays Swimming lesson

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    I thought you might like to see my progress in my swimming. Next term I might be moved up to the Gold squad but I will need to improve my stamina in the pool because I will need to do at least four lengths of the pool non stop! I think I shoulddo lots of swimming this summer!



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  • Nov

    What do you think???Photos from Untitled Project (6)


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    Lego Expo

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    Photos from untitled album 3

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    This weeks Thomas had some homework to do because he spent today at a dress rehearsal for Rock Da House (see next blog post) The class were working on this terms key competency – managing self. They were tasked with having to design a poster which showed them working on this competency.

    Managing self is all about empowering the students to make great choices and develop their sense of self responsibility. It is not so much about teaching them how to behave, rather about teaching them to be thinkers who are able to take responsible action. Self-management is learning that “what I do affects others”. Its is about learning to take responsibility for our own actions and make choices that will be good for yourself and good for others at the same me.

    Thomas choose to write his thank you for all his wonderful Birthday gifts. Here is what he did and the poster he designed.

    Photos from untitled album 3




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  • Aug

    Dearest Thomas
    Today you turn nine and I want you to know that I am  so happy to be your Mummy.  I need to say Mummy, because of course these days you try to call me Mum. It’s your way of showing how you are growing up and becoming BIG. Although I act like it is not okay with me, it really is. I want you to grow up, and I want you to become the amazing man that I know you will. We are so proud of the young man you are becoming.  We are excited to see what the future holds for you. Nine is hard for us. It’s one birthday away from double digits and it’s almost like a half-way mark of our parenting.  Yes, of course we will always be your parents and hopefully you’ll always need us for something. We do know that in nine more years you’ll be 18, and that is when you will be BIG.
    Although our family is spread around the world and you are our only child you have become a “big brother” in our “Kiwi Family” twice over to Amelie and Nicholas. You are so kind and gentle with them both, showing them things, and helping them with things that little people need help with.  You are a kind and loyal friend and include everyone in playing your games.  You are growing into a leader and taking on so much responsibility at school with your Student Councillor role. Your class mates look up to you, and that’s a big deal.  Remember that as you make choices. You have worked hard in your exhilaration classes and are enjoying the challenge of Maths with your year 5/6 peers. You continue to thrive at Karate and we just know you will promote to your next belt soon but Im sorry I just can’t watch the sparring sessions! I want to run in and say “don’t hit my baby” (don’t worry I won’t) I find it easier to watch you swim. You make its look so easy and graceful. It melts my heart when you bring me a morning cup of tea or hold the door open for me or offer to help me when I am in the middle of something.  Some young girl will be lucky to have you someday (but until then you are all mine)! the next nine years you will change drastically. You’ll have good days, and you’ll have bad days. You will continue to push boundaries. You will go on trips without us.  You will want to not tell us things. You will pick a University.  You will study hard for tests.  You will then leave us….
    To say that our hearts are not ready for the day you leave for University is an understatement.  We know we have nine more years before that happens, but these nine years have literally flown by. It seems like just yesterday we found out we were pregnant, and then you made your grand entrance into the world all 10lbs 4 oz of you.  Thomas, thank you for choosing us as your parents and letting us love you.  We want you to know that we love you, will fight for you, and will always be here for you.  Even when you go to University and fall in love and replace me with the girl of your dreams. (remember Daddy’s wise words don’t get serious until your 30!) I know my place will change, and another woman will hold your heart, but know that we will always love you and 9 years into being your parents we are super proud of you. Always act like a gentleman, keep your sense. of humour and never forget how much Daddy and I love you!  You are truly a special, unique and amazing person. The world is waiting for you…

    We Love you to the moon and back
    All our love,

    Mummy and Daddy
    Aka Mum and Dad!

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